Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry Components!
Make Your Own Diffusing Jewelry and Accessories Using These Pendants and Beads


Beautiful just as they are and a nice addition to any piece these lava pendants and beads, leather bracelets and suede tassels have a special hidden talent! They can absorb, hold and diffuse your favorite essential oils for up to days at a time!


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Large Lava Pendants

Add to a piece of leather or a nice chain for a beautiful pendant or hang them in your car.

These beauties are perfect for use with essential oils - place a drop or two of essential oil onto the pendant and enjoy your oil where ever you go. Scent absorbs into the stone and lasts for several hours, several days or more!

Your choice of style and color.


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Flat round lava beads    

flat round                               8mm round

   lava beads     

12mm round                             14mm round

Lava Beads By The Strand

Use our lava beads on your necklaces, bracelets or earrings to make any piece a diffuser for your essential oils or in one of our diffuser pendants! All it takes is a drop or two of your favorite essential oils onto a lava bead and you've got a natural and beautiful diffuser piece to take your favorite oils with you everywhere. 

Think outside the box and make necklace extenders that hold the oil at the nape of your neck, make charms that clip onto any piece of jewelry, glue to a clothespin and attach to a vent in your car... 

Many sizes, shapes and colors available. 

*Our black beads are natural lava, colored beads are synthetic lava. Both are beautiful and both absorb and hold essential oils effectively.
* Pro Tip: Natural lava stones often come polished with wax for a shiny finish. This shiny finish may appeal to some designers, so we do not strip them. If you desire to diffuse essential oils with your natural lava, they may work just fine with this finish. If you are not happy with the absorption, you can boil your natural lava to remove the polishing wax. 


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Diffuser Pendants and Lockets

Refills for Diffuser Pendants

Diffuse your favorite essential oils everywhere you go. Simply place a drop or two of your favorite oil(s) onto a felt diffuser pad and insert into your locket... or use a lava stone bead if you choose our "prayer box" style diffuser pendants. Choose your chain and embellish your diffusing pendant by dangling beads and charms from it. Quick, easy and beautiful! Each pendant comes with one pad or stone - extra refills are available!



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Did you know you can diffuse your oils on leather? Just a drop or two on the back of your leather cuff is all you need! 



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Suede Tassels

Beautiful and functional - just place a drop or two of your favorite essential oils directly onto the suede and you're ready to go!  Wear as earrings or a pendant, use on your keychain or hang in your car. 


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Large assortment of chains and cords!



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    Premade Dangle Charms       


Want to personalize your diffuser jewelry but don't want to make your own charms? Check out our growing selection of premade add-ons for your diffuser jewelry! These work great as pendants on their own, or as add-ons that pair well with our diffuser tassels and pendants. These charm dangles are seated onto a larger jump ring that allows you to simply slide right onto most chains for easy-on and easy-off use! Change your charm dangles daily to fit your mood or occasion. 



Multi-Pack Charms

If you're crafty and want to make your own, see our selection of charms sold by the multi-pack, get a price break and unleash your creativity. 



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