*SEED BEADS 15/0 Japanese

Japanese Seed Beads (Matsuno, Miyuki, Toho) - These Japanese seed beads have earned their reputation for consistency and uniformity of size.  If you do loom work or netting, you're going to want Japanese seed beads in your bead room. Because of their uniform size and shape they also work beautifully for cross-stitching and in any bead weaving that requires the beads sit closely to one another and are also a great choice for bead embroidery! We offer a variety of sizes of these versatile little beads.

Fine quality seed beads, made in Japan.  

Size 15/0 are sold by the 3 inch x 3/4 inch tube. Each tube holds approximately 13 grams.

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Opaque Miyuki size 15/0
Color Lined Miyuki size 15/0
Silver Lined Miyuki 15/0
Opaque Matte Miyuki 15/0