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Lacy's Cabs w/ Character
Beautiful Cabochons at a Bargain Price!

All are stone  ~Some are Agate ~Some are Jasper ~Some are Quartz

Some are Moukaite ~ Some are Serpentine ~ ETC!

All are beautiful and unique!  

Some sold individually, some sold in lots.

All have been hand picked by Lacy to give you a great deal, these lovely cabs each have small flaws or imperfections, most of which will never be noticed and add to the uniqueness of the cab.

All are still beautiful and bead-able... and super affordable!


Click HERE to see Lacy's Cabs with Character


*Most of these cabochons have a nice medium dome. A few have a low dome. To create a high dome with any cab for use in bead embroidery, see Lacy's Tips and Tricks page!






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