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SEED BEADS 11/0 Czech

Traditional Czech Seed Beads  - The Czech Republic is known for producing high-quality, beautiful seed beads. Czech seed beads are perfect for bead embroidery because they have large holes, so making multiple passes through them a is breeze. They are consistent in circumference (2.2mm), but not in width, which allows the user to select the right beads to "fit" their embroidery piece. These versatile beads are very popular in traditional Native American beadwork - a place where machine-cut perfection just doesn't belong.  Bead weavers love them as well. Czech seed beads are also great for stringing and make great spacer beads or even entire necklaces or bracelets filled with Czech seed beads are stunning. They also make beautiful fringe (who doesn't love fringe?!). They come in a huge variety of colors and finishes. We love the Czech 11/0's for many applications and consider them a staple to any beader's stash.

Fine quality seed beads, made in the Czech Republic.  Sold by the hank. 

    * Note* ~ Colors on your screen are affected by screen settings and may not be exact.

Metallic Matte, Czech 11/0
Opaque, Czech 11/0
Opaque Iris, Czech 11/0
Opaque Luster, Czech 11/0
Silver Lined, Czech 11/0
Transparent, Czech 11/0
Transparent Color Lined, Czech 11/0
Transparent RB, Czech 11/0




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Happy Jack's Inc * 4905 W 2nd St * PO Box 2646 * Roswell, NM 88201 * USA * Phone: (575) 623.1544 

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