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For a quick and easy pendant you can be wearing in no time, check out our cabochon pendant trays - simply select the proper size of cabochon, glue in your beautiful cab and you're ready to roll!

Like bead embroidery? Use a smaller cab and embroider around it using world famous Lacy's Stiff Stuff beading foundation and then glue in your masterpiece!

Put your new creation on a simple chain, or bead up something fancy to hang it from!



See our online selection of cabochon pendant trays here:  

See our online selection of cabochons (stone, resin, glass and more!) here: 


We are the home of Lacy's Stiff Stuff beading foundation. See our Lacy's .........

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September 21, 2015 @ 11:53 PM · bead embroidery, beads

Seed beads, matsuno, miyuki, czech and toho

Traditional Czech Seed Beads  -  A bead embroiderer's best friend!

The Czech Republic has long-been known for producing beautiful, high-quality, glass seed beads that are perfect for modern bead embroidery. Czech seed beads have large holes which make it easy to go through them with your thread multiple times. Their circumference is a consistent 2.2mm, but their width varies slightly, which allows you to "choose" your beads and where they go - so your beads lie beautifully where they belong and don't crowd each other.

Czech seed beads are very popular in traditional Native American bead work - a place where perfectly uniform beads would look out of place. 

They're versatile - many a bead weaver .........

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bead embroidered cuff bracelet, in progress, done on Lacy's Stiff Stuff premium beading foundation or substrate.

~ Lacy's allows you to unleash your creativity in bead embroidery!

Lacy's comes in white for flexibility and ease of use...

Using a pattern? You can apply it directly onto your Lacy's Stiff Stuff in a number of ways. Draw it freehand, use a light box (or a window!) and trace your pattern directly onto it, use an iron-on transfer, you might even run it through your printer (*May not work with all printers or inks.)

Lacy's can easily be dyed to your heart's desire if you want your background a solid color, or you can use permanent markers to "color as you go" if you want your background to match each color by section.

Lacy's can be cut to any shape and you can bead right up to the edge of your piece ......

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This is the very first piece of bead embroidery ever done on lacy's stiff stuff. Completed 20 years ago and still beautiful.

~ Before Lacy's, bead embroidery was treated as simply a CRAFT, not the ART that it is! 

Lacy's Stiff Stuff is the original premium beading foundation for your bead embroidery projects. It is the first of its kind. You will see imitations but nothing on the market is quite like it.

Lacy's was developed out of necessity - Lacy, herself, was a beginning beader when Lacy's Stiff Stuff was developed. Before Lacy's there were very few options for bead embroidery, and those few options were NOT ideal. We are talking about note cards, paper bags, diaper liners, flimsy iron-on interfacing or felt and butter tub lids. I'm not kidding! She was trying to learn bead embroidery and was ......


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