bead embroidered cuff bracelet, in progress, done on Lacy's Stiff Stuff premium beading foundation or substrate.

~ Lacy's allows you to unleash your creativity in bead embroidery!

Lacy's comes in white for flexibility and ease of use...

Using a pattern? You can apply it directly onto your Lacy's Stiff Stuff in a number of ways. Draw it freehand, use a light box (or a window!) and trace your pattern directly onto it, use an iron-on transfer, you might even run it through your printer (*May not work with all printers or inks.)

Lacy's can easily be dyed to your heart's desire if you want your background a solid color, or you can use permanent markers to "color as you go" if you want your background to match each color by section.

Lacy's can be cut to any shape and you can bead right up to the edge of your piece without worrying about it fraying or losing its shape. Need a bigger piece? You can "butt" your pieces of Lacy's together to make any size or shape that you need. This allows you to work on your piece in manageable sections that are easier to hold and then join them together for a solid, strong end result. 

Scraps of Lacy's can be used to "build up" beads for dimensional bead embroidery. Use small scraps of Lacy's Stiff Stuff to create a stable base for Rivolis, or to add height without having to bury some of your beads under others. 

You can embellish clothing by appliqueing your completed bead embroidery piece directly onto jackets, shirts, jeans, flip-flops and other shoes, purses, wallets and more! (*While Lacy's Stiff Stuff beading foundation is completely washable and the foundation itself can literally be tossed in the washing machine over and over, we do recommend using care when laundering these pieces - they may require hand-washing to protect the beads and your artwork.)

You can "tea dye" a sheet of Lacy's to your desired darkness and display your piece on it, giving your Lacy's the appearance of being mounted on leather.

**For instructions on dying or "butting" your Lacy's, see the "Lacy's Tips, Tricks and Info" tab in the left side menu of our site.**

Have you discovered other creative ways to use your Lacy's? If so, we'd love to hear about it! Email us a picture and explanation of your project or technique.