September 21, 2015 @ 11:53 PM · bead embroidery, beads

Seed beads, matsuno, miyuki, czech and toho

Traditional Czech Seed Beads  -  A bead embroiderer's best friend!

The Czech Republic has long-been known for producing beautiful, high-quality, glass seed beads that are perfect for modern bead embroidery. Czech seed beads have large holes which make it easy to go through them with your thread multiple times. Their circumference is a consistent 2.2mm, but their width varies slightly, which allows you to "choose" your beads and where they go - so your beads lie beautifully where they belong and don't crowd each other.

Czech seed beads are very popular in traditional Native American bead work - a place where perfectly uniform beads would look out of place. 

They're versatile - many a bead weaver .........

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